Bulk Email

  • 24 March 2022
  • 1 reply

I was trying to help someone on my team send a bulk email, but she didn’t have the bulk email button there. Instead there was a single email icon to send to all of the people we checked off as one single email that included the 30 people. 

How do we get her the bulk email icon if it’s not there? 

1 reply

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Hey @dmorgenbesser, this seems like it may be a bug rather than a case of not knowing where the bulk e-mail button is.

Just in case, here’s a video on how to send bulk e-mails that your teammates can follow to see if they’re in the right place to be sending bulk e-mails. If they are still having trouble finding the bulk-email button (or it’s just not there in general), please let me know and I can escalate this question to our support team.