Block own domain for Contact/Lead creation

  • 25 June 2021
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Hi community,


is there a way to block our own company domain for contact/lead creation?

We have a lot of employees in our company but only 5% of them are working in sales and therefore with Copper. Some users tend to add colleagues as a contact to Copper because the GMail add-on allows them to do it in a very simple way. Unfortunately this creates at the same time a data breach because then internal emails appear in the added contact.


Thanks for your help!

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4 replies

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Hi @Thomas! That’s a great question. When you add a contact, Copper will check if their email domain matches your company’s. If it does, it will not sync their emails. This way we avoid syncing internal emails.

So you might have some colleagues listed as contacts, but you won’t be able to see internal emails in their activity feed.

I hope that answers your question!

Hi Michelle, thanks for the reply but it doesn't answer my question. You are referring to the "data breach" part of my post, okay, but my question was "how to block our own company domain...”

[...and I also ask myself what would happen when a users adds a colleague from our HR department as a contact and this person now starts an email conversation with an existing external contact. I guess (but I will not test) this conversation will appear in the activities of the external contact]

P.S.: I made a test with an internal contact. You have been right, no email appears in the activities. But all calendar events of this internal contact are visible.

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Hi @Thomas, I checked with our team and we don’t have a feature that blocks contacts of a certain domain from being added. It is possible to build a third-party automation that deletes contacts with a certain email domain, but you’d have to build that out or have a professional service partner build it.

I can definitely see why this would be a helpful feature. If you’d like the product team to take a look, I recommend posting this as an Idea.