Automatically pin all Notes and Activity Logs

  • 21 October 2021
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Hi there,


is there a way, to automatically "pin" all Notes and Activity Logs? We would like to have those notes always pinned and directly on top, when opening the Opportunity or the Lead? So people do not have to scroll down to find the most important infos.



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3 replies

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Hi @Thomas Payhawk! So, there might be two answers to this depending on what exactly you’re looking to do.

If you want to easily view all your Notes and Activities, you can use the filter in the Activity Log. There, you can select which types of Activities you want to display and hide the ones that aren’t immediately important.

In this example, we’re only displaying Notes, Emails, and Phone Calls.

This is useful if you want a general view of certain activity types (e.g. Phone Calls, Emails) while blocking out less relevant ones (e.g. System Updates).


If you want to pin specific Notes and Activities to the top, find that note/activity and click the three vertical dots to find the option to Pin it.

Pinned activities will display at the very top of the activity feed:

This is useful if you have a couple of very important notes/activities.



Let me know if that answers your question? Thanks Thomas!

HI Michelle,

thanks. Yes, I was aware of the filtering.

But usually we would like to pin all activities, that were added manually on top. Because most of the time, it is a summary what was being discussed with the prospect and hence more important to directly get an overview of the prospect’s situation.




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@Thomas Payhawk gotcha - thanks for the additional context. In that case, I do think filtering to display the activity types that are manually logged would be your best bet since we don’t currently have a way to automatically pin activities. You can also could submit this as an Idea so that the product team can take a look.