Associating emails to copper opportunities NOT in gmail

  • 25 February 2022
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I’m an advisor to a team, who are using Copper (and Gmail); I have emails with the team and others, about “opportunities” which I would like to associate with those opportunities.   I can generate an email address in Settings / email  however if I forward a message to that address it just disappears there is no way that I can find to either direct it to the opportunity when I’m forwarding it, or to pick it up in Copper and associate it?


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5 replies

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Hi @Mitra, thanks for posting!

Sounds like you’re using the Copper Mailbox feature, which allows you to sync outgoing emails if you’re not in Gmail. You mentioned:

if I forward a message to that address it just disappears

That’s because the email address needs to be added as a BCC, not as a forwarding address. When you add it as a BCC, it can see who the sender and the recipients are and syncs the email accordingly.

I recommend setting up an auto-bcc so that the email is automatically included in all your outgoing emails.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions. :slight_smile:

Thanks Michelle - I’ll try that next time I actually email one of the opportunities.

BUT how do we associate an email with an opportunity when it is for example a message received from someone at one of the Opportunities to me, that I want to record in Copper, the Opportunity obviously won’t have Bcc-ed the Copper address, so I need to forward it in somehow.

The same problem applies to messages between me and people in the team, about the opportunity, if I add the Copper address as the Bcc, then Copper won’t know which opportunity we are talking about.

I don’t mind if I have to go into Copper and manually associate those incoming emails with Opportunities, but at the moment my only option seems to be cut-and-paste the content of all the previous emails which is obviously non-viable.

I realize you aren’t the only CRM with this problem - a previous company abandoned Insightly a few years ago because of a very similar problem that Insightly couldn’t solve.

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@Mitra Looking back at your original messages, you mention your team is using Gmail. If that’s the case, you don’t need to use the forwarding address at all. Copper’s Gmail integration automatically syncs Gmail emails in the background. That bcc address is for those who are using another email server.

But if you’re not using Gmail for your emails, you would have to rely on the Bcc address. As you mentioned, the Bcc address has no way to know which Opportunity to attach it to, so unfortunately you would have to copy/paste.

But if you are in Gmail, we can do this with little/no work. There are two separate types of emails you asked about: 


Emails between a Copper user and a Copper contact

If you add a Copper contact to an Opportunity, that contact’s emails are automatically associated with that Opportunity. So all you have to do is associate the contact with the Opportunity once and it will sync on an ongoing basis.



Emails between yourself and a colleague about an Opportunity

Internal emails are not automatically synced. If you download our Chrome extension, you will get a Copper icon inside each email. Click it and you will see an option for “Relate to” - you can use that to attach an email to the Opportunity.

Note, that option also works for attaching emails to Opportunities but also to contacts, Projects, etc.


I believe that answers your question, but let me know if I should clarify anything :slight_smile:

Sorry Michelle if I wasn’t clear - the core team are on Gmail, but a number of advisors, directors etc, including myself, are not on Gmail, and so if I understand you correctly messages about an opportunity, or old messages can’t be added to Copper without a laborious cut-and-paste since your extension only works on Gmail (i.e. exactly the same problem that caused a previous company to abandon Insightly).

I hope that at some point you solve this - for example I’ve seen in other context where it allows emails like   where “foobar” is the opportunity, or if the message headers only contain internal addresses, look at the message headers of the message included in the body (as in a forward, or a reply that only Cc-ed internal people).   Or - more challenging you could add a simple Imap client to the Copper Website so messages could be tagged and imported as with the extension.

I understand *why* you prioritise gmail, but I think you’ll find that there are a lot of companies that have one or more of their team - consultants, advisors etc who are not on their internal gmail domains, and as a result, for whom Copper is a lot less useful


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@Mitra thanks so much for the feedback and the clarification. Copper is ultimately focused on Gmail / Google Workspace, but if you’d like to submit an Idea with your suggestions then the product team can take a look.

For the time being, I don’t have any further suggestions for entering emails related to an opportunity that were sent between two users who are not using Gmail, and does not include a Copper contact in the thread.