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  • 16 September 2021
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Can I archive a contact’s old email address in Copper without deleting it? In other words, I have a contact that has used multiple emails, but now wants us to use only one. I would like to keep all emails in Copper so the emails synch; however, the client record shows more than one email address, which makes it hard to know which email is current. It would be helpful to somehow archive the old email addresses so that they are hidden, but Copper is still using them to synch the contact’s old emails.

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2 replies

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Hi @David A. - great question! It is not possible to archive an email address in Copper. Keep in mind that once the synced email data it is in Copper, it isn’t removed unless the entire record is deleted.  I recommend listing the contact’s current email address as their “work email” and all others as either “personal” or “other.” 


Thank you, Alyssa. I did not know the emails are fixed until the record is deleted. Good to know.