Adding existing leads to a new pipeline

  • 6 September 2021
  • 2 replies

I’d like to take about 500 people who already exist in Copper as leads but move them to a new pipeline. In other words, all 500 people already exist as people in Copper, but I want to put them in a new pipeline. Can this be done in bulk? I can’t seem to figure out a way to add opportunities outside of creating a new one or importing a list. If I imported a list, would these records duplicate? Thanks for your help!

2 replies

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Hi @ceegee! To clarify, do you have these 500 in the Leads section or the People section of Copper?

In either case, there’s not currently a way to bulk-create Opportunities for an entire list of Leads/People. If this is something you’d like to see in the future I recommend submitting an Idea. So you’re correct that your options would be to create them manually or to import.

Regarding your import question - when you import, you can choose how Copper identifies existing records (e.g. by matching the name, the ID, or by a custom field you have), and how it treats records that have an existing match (i.e. by overwriting or skipping them in during import). To do this, you would select “Manage matching records” after you upload your import file.


Usually when folks upload new Opportunities, they do the matching by the Name of the Opportunity or by the Prosperworks ID (this is a leftover from when we were called Prosperworks).

Also, when you create an import file for Opportunities, make sure you include columns for:

  1. Opportunity name
  2. Pipeline
  3. Stage
  4. Status (i.e. Open, Won, Lost, or Abandoned)

Let me know if that was clear or if you have any follow-up questions.

Thanks @Michelle from Copper ! Yes these are existing records in the People section. Seems a bit odd that you couldn’t just select your existing leads and add them to a new pipeline. The other frustrating thing is right now you can literally only add a new person altogether. Don’t you envision a scenario where a user would want to move existing leads to a new pipeline? I’ll try to import. Thanks!