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My Copper Account was set up for me in my new job and I was able to add files by linking to Google Drive. I updated some of my Google account settings on my phone to be able to utilize Copper on my phone but I still couldn’t use Copper on my phone to upload from Google Drive. I can’t remember which settings were updated but now I can’t upload files by linking to Google Drive. I can upload documents by using upload from my computer but I would rather Link to Google Drive.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.





Best answer by Erik Wochok 24 May 2022, 18:46

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Hi @Erik Wochok, thanks for posting! To clarify, do you mean you’re not able to link to Google Drive with Copper on your browser? Or just on the mobile app? Or both?

I can’t link to Google drive on either platform. I installed the Copper Chrome ext and have diabled it as well and still not able to link on either. When I click on related and then click the + under files and click on Link to Google Drive it briefly pops up a window and then the window closes and nothing happens.

And I just figured it out...Cookies were being blocked for some reason. UGH!!


Thanks Michelle, for letting me walk myself through the fix. LOL

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@Erik Wochok Glad it was an easy fix! Feel free to post again if anything else comes up 👍