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Hi all,

I have a customer currently owing 2 stores and now he is opening another store. However when I enter in his email address into the new people section, it will not allow me to use it. How can I enter his email address in 3 different stores? Apparently Copper doesn't allow the same email address for a record to prevent duplicate issues.


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Hi @TCW, thanks for posting!

You are correct that the system will only allow each email address to be used with one contact. But I’m curious why you need to create three separate Person records for the same contact? I’m guessing it is one for each of his stores?

I’m wondering if it would make more sense to have one Person record for that customer, and to create a separate Opportunity for each store? That way you can link each Opportunity/store back to the single Person record, instead of having three separate Person records.

Let me know your thoughts on that! 👍

I can understand this use case. I have a customer that also owns three business but they all operate independently. Different names, different cities and even different states. While the company owner is physically located at one of the locations, he is the primary contact for all three companies.