Reports - Insight Builder - Tag Function not working

  • 13 September 2021
  • 2 replies

I have a Insight where I want to filter out a specific tag for People Data.  When I created this insight, the removal of the tag worked correctly.  Fast forward a week, and the tag removal no longer works.  I get the same number of clients whether the tag is turned off or on.  The underlying data is correct.  The only change I have made to the people data since the creation of this insight was to downloaded/re-imported all of my people data for some data cleaning.  I did not touch the Tag field and if you look at the People page, the tag still exists.  

Has anyone else ran into this issue or have potential solutions?

2 replies

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@asmith we have not seen other reports of problems with Tag filtering. Please create a support ticket using this link.


In the ticket, please include the below:

  • screenshot of the insight you are inquiring about in the insight builder
    • include Person ID as a row
    • filter out an Tag (to provide an example that it isn’t working)

  • provide name of example Tag
  • screenshot of Person record with example Tag. Include the URL, which includes the user ID
  • if Tag filtering is done on dashboard, provide screenshot of Configuration settings for the insight, to ensure that Tag filter is selected


Thanks, I submitted the ticket.