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  • 24 November 2022
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How do I stop lost opportunity email notifications


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Hi @SEABORN, thanks for posting! It sounds like you might be “following” certain opportunities, and that is causing an email notification whenever the status changes (including when they are lost).

Can you open up Copper and go to Settings > Personal Preferences > Notifications? At the top, you should see this option:

Go ahead and un-check those boxes to stop the emails and notification. Note, this will also stop notifications for when a note is logged, the opp stage changes, task reminders, project status changes, and other opp status changes (e.g. Won or Abandoned).


While you’re in there, I recommend you scroll to the bottom to check your automatic “Following” rules:


Actually, I recommend you review all the notification options while you’re there! But definitely take a look at the two sections I pointed out above.


Let me know if that helps :)