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Trying to wrap my head around the following:

I’m in real estate - my leads come mostly as lender referrals - which means that each “lead” has at least two contact “person” associated with them as well as some pdf files 


To keep things organized  - I should keep the incoming lead in “leads “ status. as long as I haven’t talked to them or know if it’’ ever pan out . 

The problem is - I can’t relate the associated “person” field. In my normal workflow there’s a lot of communication necessary between the original parties before we ever can make the decision if this can become an opportunity.

In order to do any relationship - I’d have to create a “project” or opportunity - which is complete overkill unnecessary - 

At this point my brain is “fried” trying to find a work around :)


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Hi @MichaelK, thanks for posting! In this scenario, I would ask whether the Leads module is the best fit for your use case. In many cases, separating new prospects into the Leads section is unnecessary. Instead, you could disable the Leads section entirely and add those new prospects to the People section. If you add a new Contact Type option for New Lead or New Prospect, then you can also filter/segment them within that People section.

This would allow you to use all the features in the People section. In particular,

  1. Our system can auto-associate any files you send/receive from a Person - this might be useful for the PDFs you mentioned.
  2. You can create links/associations from Person to another Person (e.g. the referring lender).

It sounds like #2 is your main pain point here, so I’ll provide more detail here. We have a type of field called a Connect Field. This allows you to add links between different People in the Copper system. Here’s an example where Warren Buffett referred Ray Faulkner:

Under “Referred Clients” you can see all the People they referred.
Under “Referring Lender” you can see that Ray Faulkner was referred by Warren Buffett

To set up this field, you’ll need to go to Settings > Customize > Manage Fields on Records > Create Field. Make sure sure you select “Connect Field” as the type. These are the setting I used in this example:


Connect fields are great for tracking relationships but they do come with some limitations:

  1. They cannot be imported or exported
  2. They cannot be included in reports
  3. They cannot be used with workflow automations

If those are not blockers then perhaps connect fields are a good option for you.


Let me know your thoughts!

This is perfect - Thank you!!!

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@MichaelK great, glad I could help! Let me know if any questions come up while you set up your connect fields. In the meantime, I’m going to mark my original response as Best Answer so that others can find it easily.

I am in real estate too.  When I get a referral and connect the entities how do I create an auto task for the thank you that needs to be sent?