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  • 8 November 2022
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Hi there. I am interested in noting relationships between various companies in our database. This would help immensely as a fundraiser. For instance, I know that Foundation A provides grants for people and organizations in our industry. I also know that Foundation B does the same and has worked with Foundation A on joint initiatives in the past. It would be helpful for me to know that these companies are related in this way so that if I’m on the phone with someone from Foundation A, I can mention Foundation B and try to get a referral. Is there a reason I can’t currently relate companies in this way? Thank you!


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Hi @JSJ, thanks for posting! That’s a great question!

To relate companies within Copper we will need to create a custom field. Please go into Settings > Customize > Manage fields on records > choose Companies section at the top > click Create field > Type “Connect Field” and fill out the rest of the form according to the screenshot:

Once you hit Create field, there will be 2 extra custom fields created on a company record. If you go into Foundation B record and scroll to the bottom you will see Referral and Referee fields. Start typing Foundation A in the Referral field and it will give you an option to populate it from the existing records. When you assign a referral to a company it will like this:


In Foundation A record in Copper, the Referee field will be automatically populated with Foundation B.


Hope it makes sense! Feel free to ping me if something is unclear. Happy to help!

THANK you!! 👏🏻

Hi there. I’m having issues working with this option. I keep getting an error message that reads: “Failed to save...” And idea why that might be happening? Thank you!