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  • 4 October 2022
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I am looking for ways to record the details of financial donations from our alumni community to our various scholarship funds.

At the moment I am looking at using a Donations pipeline, with each gift being an opportunity, but our central campaign is for regular, modest, monthly donations.

The alternative would be to list the donation as an activity, but this does not allow for reporting of things like income.

Would anyone care to share best practice for recording income/donations within Copper?


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2 replies

Hi Rob,


We have had a similar problem and worked it a few different ways.  The first was using opportunities as a tool to record the income data and then moving the field to “won” each time a client or person generated income for us.  This was good for report generation but i like being able to have more control over the data and its format.  We also tried creating a custom activity type, but as you mention, this is a problem when you go to look at totals, etc.  The way i prefer it (i am more of a spreadsheet person) is loading all the data into a well-formatted google sheet and linking it to the company/person.  I prefer linking it through drive and having a folder for each.  All said and done, it really depends on what purpose you have for the information.  If you have a large volume of those who donate, you may want to consider using the opportunities method and using the import function that copper has to make it quick.  Have a great day!

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thanks for that. I was heading the spreadsheet route, but it’s always worth seeing what others do!


Much appreciated,