Is it possible to create a default "Note" using markdown?

  • 2 February 2023
  • 4 replies

I’d love to use markdown for taking meeting notes with rich text - but I think there would be a high user burden to remember the markdown usage. I’m wondering if it’s possible to save a default “Note” with the markdown so that every time a new note is created in a record, a guide for the markdown is easily accessible.

4 replies

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Hi @ashah, thanks for posting! This is an interesting suggestion. We don’t have a way to save a default “note” to show the different markdown formats, unfortunately.

As an alternative, you could keep our help article on markdown bookmarked. To be honest, after using markdown in Copper for a little bit, I’ve also just memorized the main ones (e.g. *italics* and **bold**). I only open up the guide when I have a less-common formatting need, like a line separator.

Ahh got it. Thanks so much! 

I think it could be valuable as a future feature if there was a way to save template types of note or perhaps associated with activities. For example, there might be different type of meeting note templates an org would want to use.

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@ashah that’s an interesting idea… do you mean to say, if you selected a certain activity type, it would populate a pre-formatted structure? Like if you have an activity for “Work Site Visit” it would automatically a spot for you to enter the Site Address?

Exactly! Or for meeting notes there would be a “Participants:” place for you to fill in. Not as a default but an org can ideally create their own pre-formatted structure in the free text space for a certain activity.