Duplicates created after saving them from LinkedIn through Surfe

  • 9 November 2022
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So I believe I have various duplicates in people and Companies, given I use Surfe (ex-Leadjet) to save my LinkedIn conversations with the leads I already had on Copper. It seems that Copper does not recognize that the leads or their companies are already on the Copper records.

Since I manually have to merge these duplicates, and there are many of them, how can I avoid duplicates being created everytime I save the conversation with a lead from LinkedIn?



1 reply


Hi @TomDZD, thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, there is no way for Surfe to identify if a lead you are adding already exists in Copper. Leads do not have a unique identifier and will create duplicates in the system. So the only way to handle duplicates in Leads is to merge them one by one.

Both People and Companies are uniquely identified by email address and email domain respectively and won’t create duplicates. For example, when importing a spreadsheet of people/companies it is required to have email addresses and email domains respectively populated in the sheet to avoid creating duplicates in Copper. 

When adding a person (not a lead) from LinkedIn via Surfe, in most cases there is no email address available and it will create a duplicate. 

More information on duplicates you can find in this article. Hope this helps!