Does everyody uses Pipelines?

Hi all,

I’m truly wonderng if eveyone uses Pipelines. Even though we know them very well, is not necessarily something that fits in our workflow, nor willing to implement them into our current way of lead conversion.


Just curious.



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Hi @Mauricio Chavez, this is a great question! I’m curious to hear what others have to say.

I have seen some organizations choose not to use Pipelines at all. Usually these are organizations that use Copper just to organize contacts. Or, sometimes their process is simple enough that they can use the Contact Type and some custom fields to capture all the information they need.

For example, I worked with a company that makes podcasts. They used Contact Type to find guest speakers for their episodes. So whenever they were looking for someone, they would filter by Contact Type = Potential Guest or Contact Type = Past Guest.

Some organizations also use a Person’s Contact Type as a a way to categorize what “stage” they’re in. So for example, They might have Contact Type options for New Prospect, Initial Outreach, Demo Call, and Current Customer. This way they do not need to create a separate Opportunity record to keep track of where that Person is in the process.

This works well for simpler sales processes, like when only one Person is involved in each sale.

Hi @Michelle from Copper,

This is very interesting to hear. For a while I personally thought that we were missing a huge part of the process. 

Our sale process is very easy and for now is tracked on our own mailbox. We treat everybody as a lead and the convert them to a Person with the first opportunity won. And that’s where we start updating a Persons details.


Would love to hear some more people!