Custom field for amount and date (For forecasting staged payments)

  • 21 March 2023
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I want to create three fields for staged payments. The field needs to be date (for payment) and amount. 


I’m not sure if there’s a way to do this in Copper, any ideas anyone?

2 replies

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Hi @triches , Thank you for your question!

In Copper you can create a variety of custom fields, including date and value fields to capture payment amount and payment date.

To create new fields in Copper, Navigate to Settings → Customize → Manage Fields on Records → Opportunities → New Field

Custom fields: customization & best practices


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@triches It sounds like you will need to create a date field for each and then a currency field for each. Because of this, you may want to name them something like Stage 1 Payment Date, Stage 1 Amount, ect… Keep in mind that currently (and hopefully not for long) custom date fields are not available in reports so these would not be available in a report or dash board view. You can always export to a spread sheet and report from there though. 


If you are wanting the date and amount both in the same field, I recommend a free text field. This gives you some extra flexibility.