Conversion Rate Calculations

Our cold email introduces us to warm contacts. We add these contacts to Copper as “people.”

We have not currently been putting them into the pipeline at that point because that could be 50+ people per week but we do need a metric on warm lead to meetings booked to close.

Can you please provide best practices?


Best answer by Natalie from Copper 19 May 2022, 00:18

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Hi @Rhodes I’m more than happy to help.

My understanding is that these contacts are entered as people but you are looking for a report that would be based on you eventually adding opportunities to these people records, is that correct? If not, how are you marking these “closed”. 

Thank you in advance for the further clarification! 

Thank you,

Natalie Stambro 

Hi Natalie,


Thanks for hopping in. 


Yes, we add them as people, and then they end up in the pipeline when we have an opportunity. Then we mark wether the opportunity is won or lost.


We would like to know the percentage of cold email leads result in opportunities and wins and loses.

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Hi @Rhodes,

Great, thank you so much! Below is a video walkthrough on how I would calculate the conversion rate for opportunities that are added from your people records. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or need another approach.


Thank you!


Natalie Stambro

Hey @Natalie from Copper! That was super helpful. 


For clarity, we do not need to know the % of wins per person, we need to calculate the percentage of people that turn into ops and then are won or lost.


For example:

100 People

50 turn into opps

10 win

40 lost


We now know

  • 50% convert to opportunities
  • 40% are lost opps in relation to total people
  • 10% are won opps in relation to total people
  • 20% are won in relation to number of opps
  • 80% are lost in relation to opps

@Natalie from Copper Any further help on this would be greatly appreciated?

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Hi @Rhodes,

Thank you for the further clarification on this! I recorded another video with the calculations that you’re looking for. 


Please let me know if this suits your needs or if you’d like it configured another way.

Thank you,

Natalie Stambro

@Natalie from Copper thank you! This was so helpful!