Business Type Vs Product type

  • 7 July 2022
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What is the best way to use the “Account Type” field for a company? We are having some internal confusion and can’t determine the optimal flow. We are getting the type of company or business mixed in with the product they are using. Should we create a new field such as “Product Type” for the opportunity or a “Business Type” for the company or “Product Type” for the company? Or something else?

1 reply

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Hi @DanThor! It looks like “Account Type” is a custom field in your account.

In your case, I recommend having two separate fields for Business Type and Product Type to avoid confusion, and also so that you can record and filter on data more precisely. As for what belongs where, here are my thoughts:

  • Business Type should be on Companies
  • Product Type should be on Opportunities

You could put Business Type of Opportunities or Product Type on Companies, but I recommend against it because it creates redundancy in your data that you will ultimately have to maintain and keep consistent across the record types.

As for how to make this change, you can either edit the Account Type field into Business Type or deactivate it and start from scratch.

Let me know if you have have any follow-up questions!