Avoiding and managing duplicate leads and companies best practices

  • 3 November 2022
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After exporting people from Copper into Google Sheets in order to update them in bulk, I’ve encountered several duplicates. In terms of both leads and companies. These are the cases I have encountered:

-Sometimes there is more than one lead with the same name and email but with different contact activity, when I thought Copper avoided having two people with the same name and email.  

-In other cases, one company repeats itself several times. 

  • As for this particular case, sometimes there are different contacts associated to the same company, which explains the reason behind some of the duplicates.
  • However, there are cases where I see 8 different CopperIDs for the same company, and in most cases there is no contact assigned to these duplicates. 

Since Identifying and merging these duplicates is highly time-consuming, my question is: which are the best practices so I can avoid to the highest extent, having this insane amount of duplicates that I have at the moment.


Any solutions and precautions are very much appreciated.


Thank you



Best answer by Dasha from Copper 7 November 2022, 22:31

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Hi @TomDZD, thanks for posting!


Please note that you can bulk edit/update records from within Copper without having to export data into a spreadsheet. We have a great article explaining how to do that here.


To answer your question about how to handle leads and companies duplicates, I believe the best way to do that would be to export them out of Copper, clean out duplicates in the spreadsheet and then import them back into Copper. Prior to importing the “clean” list of leads or companies, please make sure to remove all records from Copper so that you can import a clean list without duplicates. 


To delete duplicates in bulk in Google Spreadsheet, we’d recommend installing an add-on “Remove Duplicates” from AbleBits. Please follow the steps here if you would like to remove duplicates in bulk.

Of course, there is always an option to merge duplicates in Copper, but it could take a while. The process of working with duplicates and merging them in Copper is described in this article.


Hope this helps! Please, let me know if something is unclear and I can provide some more assistance with handling duplicates. 


Cheers, Dasha